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Capturing a Moment of Hope, Dr. Andrew Clift inspires at the Kids of Cambodia Gala Event, October 2, 2011, sharing His Vision for The Children's Sanctuary Orphanage.


Lyn Lea,  (lady in the middle), the secretary of The Children's Sanctuary. Her deep connection with When Broken Glass Floats led to the inspired invitation for Chanrithy to speak, uniting voices for change.


Journeys and Joys in the Land Down Under


Ah, Australia – where the classic tune "Down Under" by Men at Work rings true, with its quirky lines about men plundering and women glowing. And who could forget the Vegemite sandwich? This song, released in November 1981, holds a special place in my heart. It was the very month and year I arrived in America, a 16-year-old orphan refugee, my life in fragments. Yet, there was something about this song that echoed my yearning for Cambodia, while offering a strange comfort in my new American home.

Fast forward to 1996, Melbourne. I was there to present our significant PTSD study on Cambodian survivors from Oregon Health Sciences University. An American expatriate, eager to share a slice of Aussie culture, nudged a jar of Vegemite and a loaf of bread towards me. "Chanrithy, you've got to try Vegemite once." I just smiled, my thoughts drifting to more exotic local fare, "Where can I get a Kangaroo steak?"

Well, neither he nor my Cambodian-Australian friend Thida could point me to Kangaroo steak back then. "You'll probably have to buy it from the Aborigines," Thida had joked.

Returning to Melbourne in 2011 for the Kids of Cambodia Gala Event, I was in for a treat. Thanks to the local popularity of Kangaroo meat, Thida's husband and I found ourselves grilling Kangaroo steaks. Served with steamed rice and a zesty Cambodian-style salsa – think green round eggplants, fresh chilies, garlic, herbs, and lime juice – it was a culinary adventure that healed more than just nostalgia.

From Vegemite sandwiches to Kangaroo steaks, my visits Down Under have been nothing short of memorable and, dare I say, deliciously healing!

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Embraced by Warmth Down Under: With Lyn, my Aussie "Mum", and Richard, my Aussie "Dad", who went above and beyond, ironing my outfit and dance costume, and delighting me with home-cooked meals. Their gracious hospitality during my stay was a true blessing.


Before delving into When Broken Glass Floats, I performed "The Blessing Dance", gently tossing rose petals towards the audience. Each petal, a symbol of hope and healing, carried my silent wish to truly bestow blessings with every graceful gesture.

Above the Clouds
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A Heartfelt Mission for Khmer Orphans
Captured by Justin Olmstead at Melbourne's Federation Square on October 2, 2011, this documentary highlights the Kids of Cambodia Gala Event. Featuring Dr. Andrew Clift of The Children's Sanctuary and myself, it's a testament to our collective commitment to love and support the children who need us most


Join a Cause Close to the Heart: If you feel moved to make a difference in the lives of orphans and abandoned children in Cambodia, your support can be a beacon of hope.


Please visit Dr. Andrew Clift at to see how you can contribute. Together, we can bring light and change to these young lives. Thank you for considering this heartfelt cause


Captured Moments: A Visual Journey Through Australia

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